Capital Bikeshare
Marketing Campaign



Design: Hira Fareed
ACD: Kristin Ferreira
Content: Sarah Charrouf
Producer: Jessica Cruz
Marketing Manager: Jae Watkins

My Role

Crafting the campaign while collaborating closely with the copywriter.

Business Objective

Drive ridership while engaging the community during the busiest time of the year


Encourage more riding by having riders share the details of their social outing rides with each other.

Audience Insights

Riders use their bike for social outings

Riders commonly use their bikes for social outings such as coffee shops, concerts, and sports games.

People Like to share

According to the TBS Bike Survey, people enjoy sharing their local expertise on social media.


Riders will be encouraged to share their local expertise and provide information about their rides using the prompt, "My perfect summer ride." The campaign will made use of Instagram's "Add Yours" feature to collect and structure the collective experiences and narratives of participants.

Illustrations to incorporate a summer vibe.

We utilized the existing illustrations and transformed them to convey a summertime vibe for the bikeshare, maintaining consistency by adhering to the Capital Bikeshare brand guidelines.

Exploring both photography and illustration options

We collaborated closely with the copywriter to brainstorm various concepts and layouts, keeping a keen focus on the brief's objectives. Our exploration yielded a multitude of options, delivering stakeholders a rich array of both photography and illustration concepts.

The Outcome

Unite Conference
Branding • Print Design