021 Disrupt
Brand Identity • Marketing Campaign • Print Design • UI/UX Design


Nest IO


Designer 1: Hira Fareed,
Designer 2: Hafsa Jamal
Developer: Umair khatri

My Role

Collaboratively designing the entire conference experience from start to finish alongside another designer.

What is 021 Disrupt

In 2017, I had the privilege of working on 021 Disrupt, the entrepreneurial conference that has now become a yearly tradition in Karachi. It brings together innovators and entrepreneurs from the regional ecosystem to explore the future of tech, society, and entrepreneurship, and I've witnessed its design evolve significantly over time.

Research about other conferences

Our journey began with inspiration from tech conferences globally. In the early stages, we closely studied three major competitors: Slush, Collision, and Rise. As this conference was organized by a small team of just 10 people, we, the in-house designers, were responsible for every aspect of its design. Our research went beyond website analysis, encompassing details such as merchandise, banners, and stage setups.


We devised a Tetris-inspired concept for the conference, symbolizing the assembly of foundational building blocks that align perfectly with the entrepreneurial journey.

Hi Fi Wireframes and Prototype

After numerous sketches, diligently crafting wireframes, and securing team approval, we ultimately crafted a high-fidelity wireframe. We took inspirations from competitors, and kept our user persona

Marketing Material

Capital Bikeshare
Marketing Campaign